What Are The Greatest Movies of All Time!

Taste in movies is a subjective matter and what appeals to me might not appeal to you, and what someone else finds rib-ticklingly funny, you might even be annoyed by! You will find plenty of lists of 'greatest films of all time' and 'top 50 classics in cinematic history'.

But this doesn't mean that everybody will necessarily like all the movies that are on that list! Having said that, one can definitely generalise to a certain extent that there are factors that rule good cinema.

Many people have personal collections of their favourite movies. Thanks to an accessible and high quality format like the dvd , it is possible to have our collection of our greatest movies of all time! Watching movies on a big screen has its own unique charm, but home viewing can also be a great experience.

Films have different genres and they all have their own lists of good movies as well as movies that don't work. This is why some movies become classics and some simply fade away into the wisps of time.

There are movies that are refreshing to watch today as they were whenever they were made, and this is because of their timeless appeal. Again, whether a film works or not depends on the viewer, but it's simply a matter of general consensus. Some examples of genres are comedy, thriller, drama, horror and adventure.

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