The Gadgets We Cannot Live Without

All aspects of modern life are heavily dependent on technology. Today, sophisticated technology is present in the average home, which typically contains several electronic gadgets for various purposes.

Most people today have some kind of personal computer, whether it is a pc portable , such as a laptop or Netbook, or a personal computer. With the advent of iPads and various PDAs, the term computer has become much broader. A computer can be in any form and today more than ever, any gadget capable of performing the tasks that an average computer can, is a computer!

Some common gadgets to be found in the home are in the kitchen. The kitchen is a traditionally labour intensive place. It is where food is chopped, diced, baked, cooked, steamed, boiled, processed and turned into meals. Kitchen appliances such as food processors were developed relatively long ago and they continue to remain popular in their constantly evolving forms.

The next area where gadgets are ubiquitous is communication. Telephones have been one of the greatest inventions of the last century and are the most common communication gadgets. Telephones are so common that they are taken for granted! Today, phone calls can be made from landlines, cell phones and even from the computer.

It is amazing how quickly man has progressed from primitive beginnings to the present day. Technology has progressed extremely rapidly in the past hundred years and digital technology, which now drives our society, has developed over the last fifty years or so.

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