Humane Ways of Dealing With Pigeons

For any business which owns or rents buildings comes responsibility, both to the customers and to all the staff. Responsibility comes in big and small sized packages but it can often be those smaller ones which turn out to be more of a headache.

Take for example the problem of pigeons alighting on roof tops or rafters. This might not at first seem a major issue, and indeed even one which can perhaps be ignored, but this is a mistake. Pigeons are like any other pest whether it be rodent or insect and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

The reason for this, is that pigeon droppings are both unhygienic and unpleasant. So, some Anti Pigeon measures should be taken to reverse the problem. There are many solutions to this and explained here are just a couple.

If someone suggests that you should simply shoot the pigeons, then the response should be no! That is a short term solution which does not solve the real issue and pigeons will return sooner or later.

Instead try one of the more humane methods. These include guards with spikes, which prevent pigeons from landing, bird nets across access points and even ultrasonic devices which scare birds away. The humane methods are far more effective than shooting or poisoning, and are both a short and mid term solution to bird control at your premises.

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