Finding a Mobile at the Phone Shack

There are few products on earth that are available in as many varieties as the mobile phone. In fact, there are so many of them they have been broken down into smaller groups. Probably the three most popular are regular mobiles, PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant), and smartphones.

So, what’s the difference? Although they function as phones, PDA’s and smartphones are a different entity entirely from standard mobiles.

For one thing, they can be used to connect to the internet and to run mini computer programs called apps (short for applications). These programs let users do everything from play mobile games to transfer computer files.

But which one is best? When shopping for a new mobile device at the Phone Shack , this is a question you should ask. And it is much harder to answer than you might expect. While smartphones are currently all the rage and PDA’s are considered passe, there is really not as big a difference as you may believe.

Yes, it is true that smartphones give you access to more apps. But what if apps aren’t all that important to you? As it stands, both devices commonly give you access to the internet, video and camera features, as well as basic applications. What about price. Though smartphones are often a bit cheaper than PDA’s, when you include all the fees for wireless data and voice plans, smartphones are more expensive than PDA’s over the long run. In fact, over the live of the phone you may spend hundreds more on a smartphone, which makes a PDA an attractive alternative.

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