Computer and Video Games Today

Video and computer games have come a long way from simple monochrome graphics to elaborate scenery and life-like characters. Today, gaming is a huge industry where game designers, art directors, psychologists and other professionals all work together to create new and advanced games.

There are many popular games which are loved all over the world. It is possible to find these popular games anywhere and in different languages, whether you're in a game store in the UK, or trying to find a particular jeux vidéo in France.

As gaming artwork and special effects become more sophisticated, it is possible to create elaborate and detailed life-like scenarios. There are some concerns regarding the graphic violent nature of certain games, and whether it is appropriate for children's games to contain violent and sexual themes.

Critics also raise concerns about video and computer games being potentially addictive and instigating violent behaviour. Advertising through games has also been criticised by many people.

While there are critics who say that video games can be harmful to children, there are also supporters who claim that many games are actually beneficial to the brain and help build certain skills. Whether video and computer games are beneficial or not, that they are extremely popular is a fact!

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