Choosing the Right Commercial Telecom System

When you go into business for yourself, there are hundreds of important decisions you must make even before you start your first job. One crucial choice centres on the kind of phone system you will use. Presently, there are three main types of commercial systems: key systems, KSU-less phones and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems.

The system you will need depends entirely on the number of extensions or stations you require as well as the features. In the next few paragraphs we will take a look at each of these systems.

PBX systems are really only for companies with more than thirty employees. While their massive telecom cabinets used to take up an entire room, now the system can sit atop a standard desk. As for features, most PBX systems include everything your company might need. Not to mention the fact that they are easily programmable and can support even the most complex applications.

If you are a small business owner (5 to 30 employees), the most common Commercial Telecom is easily the key system. This system is not only far less expensive than the PBX, but is also includes many of the same essential features. Yes, there are a few technical differences, but this is due to the fact that they are designed for different sized businesses.

Finally, the KSU-less phone system is designed for businesses that have fewer than 10 employees. They are especially popular with companies that do not have a lot of storage space, since they do not require a central cabinet. However, they do provide many of the same features as the previous systems at a lower price.

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